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Southwest Ontario  (Southern Region)
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Southwestern Ontario (South) - Destinations Overview

The topography changes drastically from gently rolling Southern Ontario farmland to farmland that is nearly flat as we work our way towards southern terminus of South Western Ontario. 

For the purposes of this website the southern portion of Southwestern Ontario roughly forms a triangle running from the about the town of Grand Bend in the north and follows south along the shorelines of Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair, Detroit River before heading east along the northern shore of Lake Erie.  Around the town of Port Glasgow on Lake Erie we head north again to the town of Clinton and back over to the Lake Huron shoreline.

The major inland waterway in this region is the Thames but also included are major waterways that form the international boundary between Canada and the Unites States.  These waterways include Lake Huron, St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, and Lake Erie.

The climate in the southern part of Southwestern Ontario is mild with warm - often hot - humid summers and winters that hover close to the freezing point.  It is uncommon to see extended winter temperatures below to -10 c; while summer temperatures can soar to over +30 c for extended periods.

Visitors to this region will find many local trails that are suitable for both hiking and cycling.  In fact the flat terrain and large number of paved secondary roadways makes this a favorite with many road cyclists. 

The southern part of Southwestern Ontario is a region where large to medium sized cities blend with rural farming communities to bring a distinctly rural flavor to the urban landscape.  The area around Petrolia boasts the world’s first commercial oil fields and they are still producing.  Major cities in this area include Chatham, Sarnia, and Windsor, along with a host of smaller towns and villages.
Trolling for walleye on the big waters of Lake Erie
Southwest Ontario (South) Points of Interest