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Southern Ontario Regional Information
Southern Ontario Outdoors

Southern Ontario Outdoors

Hiking Clubs & Organizations
City paths, rail trails, bush trails, and wilderness trails greet hikers to Southern Ontario.  With vast regions of protected environmentally sensitive land you donít have to go far from major urban centers to enjoy one of Southern Ontarioís most enjoyable outdoor experiences.

Southern Ontario offers a variety of long end to end hikes like the Grand Valley Trail, the Ganaraska trail, and of course the most famous and most demanding of all the  Bruce Trail that follows the Niagara escarpment all the way from Niagara Falls to Tobermory.

Visit our destinations page for specific regional hiking information, tourist information, and trails.  Or visit our hiking calendar to see what hiking events or important dates are coming up in your area.  And donít forget to check in with the hiking blog to keep up to date with information related to hiking in Southern Ontario.

Barb Navigating the Boulders on Bruce Trail Boulder Beach Ends and the Climb Begins Clear Georgian Bay Waters 1
Fen at Singing Sands with Storm Approaching 1 Pitcher Plant at Singing Sands Frog in Sheltered Cove
Hikers Take a Rest on BT near Cyprus Lake Miles of Boulder Beach on the BT 1 Seagull Looks for a Snack at Singing Sands
Tough Walking on Marr Lake Trail The Grotto 1 Lloyd Takes a Break on BT
Bruce Trail Near Cyprus Lake - Magical and Rugged
Hiking the Bruce Trail along the Bruce Penninsula may not be for the casual hiker.  Many sections are strenuous and rugged.

Sturdy hiking boots are not only recommended they are a necessity.  Navigating the numerous boulder strewn beaches and making your way up the escarpment demand sure footing and strong support.

Bush trails are typically through cedars and make for a comfortable spongy walk, but watch out for roots, holes, and slippery moss-covered rocks.

This is truly one of Southern Ontario's hiking gems that all serious hikers must visit.

There are many loop trails in the area that allow visitors to enjoy the vistas without backtracking or taking two vehicles.
Proper equipment and sturdy footwear ensure a safe enjoyable hike over rough terrain.
Canadian Wildlife Artist Angus Burns
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