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Southern Ontario Regional Information
Southern Ontario Outdoors

Southern Ontario Outdoors

Hunting Clubs & Organizations

Huntable Game Species in Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario offers a wide range of huntng opportunities for resident and non resident hunters alike.

Our game species consist of a variety of big game, upland birds, small game, migratory birds, and varmints.

Although much of the land in Southern Ontario is private there is still lots of crown land and conservation areas that allow hunting.

Southern Ontario Big Game Species

Black Bear - There are very few hunters that are not familiar with the hulking dark shape of Ursus Americanus, or the American Black Bear.  Typically a shy and reclusive animal they are also very opportunistic >>>more

White-tailed Deer - Deriving their name from the white underside of their tail, a white tail deer will “flash” its tail as a warning signal to other deer in the vicinity.  A signal that no hunter wants to see, because it means you’ve been busted.>>>more

Moose -
Muskeg, marsh, beaver meadows, and lakes; this is where you will find moose.  These powerful swimmers prefer a habitat that allows them to graze on the tender roots of wetland vegetation and yet seek out the dense forest for protection.>>>more

Southern Ontario Upland Game Birds

Pheasant - Wild populations exist in Southern Alberta, Southern Saskatchewan with a bit of an overflow into Manitoba.  Most pheasant in other parts of Canada are pen raised and often hunted in conservation areas or game farms.  There are occasional reports of pheasant sightings, but these are likely birds that have escaped from conservation areas or game farms.>>>more

Ruffed Grouse -

Southern Ontario Migratory Birds

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