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Southern Ontario Outdoors

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Tips and information to make your Southern Ontario fishing adventure safe and memorable.

Check out any of the topics listed below.  A quick click and you'll be find tips, reviews, and articles to help keep your Southern Ontario fishing adventures safe and enjoyable.

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Planning Your Southern Ontario Fishing Trip

10 Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip - Most of us don’t have the luxury of going on a fishing trip more than once or twice a year.  You can drastically improve the odds of your dreams becoming reality by considering some of the pitfalls and taking time to plan properly>>>more..

6 Key Questions to Ask Your Outfitter - You have decided what body of water you want to fish.  You have narrowed your choice of accommodations to a few, but don’t get so enthralled with a specific lodge that you ignore some of the more obvious questions.  Don’t assume that the lodge owner has told you everything.   Remember the basic consumer rule “BUYER BEWARE”.>>>more

Planning a Fishing Trip?  You Have Options!  Variety is the spice of life and we are fortunate to have a wide variety of options available.  Early on in the planning process for your fishing vacation you should decide, as a group, what type of accommodation and plan best suits your objectives and budget.>>>more
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