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Conserve our vast fishing resources and waterways.  Always read the Ontario Fishing Regulations and familiarize yourself with some of the unwritten rules of fishing etiquette discussed below.

Assuming you've read the rules for your area, you can legally fish, but, there are also some unwritten rules; the ones that will get you into trouble with your fellow fishermen.  Everyone is out for a good time and there is an air of respect and camaraderie amongst the fishing fraternity.  Newcomers are quickly welcomed, but just as quickly shunned if basic rules of fishing etiquette are not followed. 

Rule #1
There is one all encompassing rule from which everything else flows:  “Show respect for others”.  There are few things more irritating than drift fishing a short run and having someone walk right in beside you and cast over your line.  Or, to have someone treat a lake or river like it is his or her personal domain.

Rule #2
Respect private property! The rule is simple; if you don't have permission, don't be there.  Now I know it's always possible to stray onto a part of a stream that is on private land by mistake, but if you're asked to leave simply apologize and leave.  Who knows, perhaps your honesty and courtesy will gain you permission to a new fishing hole.

Rule #3
Don't litter!  Whether you're on public or private land be sure to pick up your garbage and put it in a container or take it home with you.  That includes discarded hooks, sinkers, and line; all of these are hazardous to waterfowl. 
For a copy of the Current Ontario Fishing Regulations visit the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website.  Be sure to check for get the most recent changes and updates to the that affect your region.
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