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Here you will find original articles that will help you enjoy your Southern Ontario ice fishing experience to the fullest while keeping you safe on the ice.  Drop us a line, join our forum, or leave a comment on our fishing blog and let us know about your Southern Ontario ice fishing experiences.
10 Ice Fishing Essentials!  Heading out for a day of ice fishing without packing a few essential accessories is like heading out on big lake with no life jacket, a leaky boat, and a motor in poor repair>>>more

How Safe is the Ice?  You can never anticipate every possible situation but with a little knowledge and forethought you can minimize your risk.  And yes, you’re taking a risk every time you venture onto the ice

Basic Ice Fishing Gear for the  Beginner. 
So you’ve decided this is the year to get off the couch and head out onto the ice, or perhaps some new friends have convinced you to join them in their hard water angling pursuits.  Now what?>>>more

3 Popular Ways to Ice Fish in Southern Ontario. 
Whether you’re new to ice fishing in Southern Ontario or are a seasoned veteran there’s…as they used to say when it was more socially acceptable - “more than one way to skin a cat.” I see three main ways to enjoy a safe ice fishing adventure: >>>more

To Build a Fire, by Jack London:  If you're feeling cold read this story; it's sure to warm you up.
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The Ice Hut - A Story of Men on a Mission
Written by Lloyd Fridenburg; Narrated by Adam Fridenburg